What's different in McDonald's Thailand

Everyone knows McDonald’s golden arches, big macs, and Ronald McDonald. McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue has restaurants in over 100 countries. Whether you love it or hate it, you cannot dispute the impact it has on the world. During my travels in Thailand, I got toContinue Reading

Top 5 Eats in Laos

Lao cuisine is not well known in the western world, but did you know that there are more ethnic Lao living in Thailand than in Laos. A majority of the people living in Northeastern Thailand are ethnically Lao, and Lao cuisine played a pivotal role in making Thai food an internationalContinue Reading

Top 5 Eats in Thailand

Thailand has an abundance of yummy eats. From Southern Thailand’s curries to Northern Thailand’s papaya salads, you can find many different tastes that will cater to any foodie. Having been in Thailand for over a month, I got a good grasp of the cuisine and in this list I willContinue Reading

Tea plantations My Workaway Experience in Malaysia

I have heard of Workaway a lot of times through many backpackers I’ve met during my travels. I have always wanted to give it a try, and I figured as I would have plenty of time during my long term travels in South East Asia, I would figure I wouldContinue Reading

Top 5 Eats in Malaysia

The country of Malaysia has three distinct people group: the Malay, the Chinese, and the Indians. Due to this, food in Malaysia has strong influences from the three ethnicities. You can get a variety of yummy eats no matter where you go in the country and in this post, I willContinue Reading