Melbourne Coffee Top 5 Eats in Melbourne

We’ve heard nothing but good things about the diverse and vibrant food scene in Melbs, so it was imperative that we hit up as many spots as we could… you know, for science! And the conclusion was that some places were over hyped while others completely blew us out ofContinue Reading

Seoul Street food The Sum of Travel

If you love strong flavours and spicy foods, then you either already like Korean food or you should give it a go! For myself, Korean food is one of my favourite cuisines. From Korean BBQ, to boiling hot stews, to pickled vegetables, to fried chicken, to shaved ice, there willContinue Reading

For as long as I can remember, Japan has always been at the top of my travel bucket list. As a lover of Japanese cuisine, I was prepared to bring my stretchy pants and eat to my heart’s desire. Believe me, I had great difficulty narrowing down this list, becauseContinue Reading

Seafood feast at Lobster Deck Shediac Top 5 Eats in Atlantic Canada

Due to its proximity to the ocean, Atlantic Canada is home to the most delicious seafood, wild fruits and fresh vegetables in the country. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t other things to eat. Game meat, such as moose and deer, are also commonly consumed. Cities like Halifax, St. John’s,Continue Reading

Sao Paulo Mercado Municipal

With a country so diverse as Brazil, their food will be heavily influenced by its people and its geography. In Southern Brazil, the flatter cooler land makes it ideal for cattle ranching and along with the heavy German immigration in the area, red meat and churrasco (Brazilian BBQ) is veryContinue Reading


As Hong Kong and Macau were both colonies of Great Britain and Portugal, the native Cantonese cuisine was mixed with British and Portuguese influences, creating a unique cuisine of their own. A big example in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong milk tea. The Cantonese have never added milk toContinue Reading


During my travels in Vietnam, I got to see that Vietnamese cuisine is more than just Phở and Bánh mì. I had the chance of trying so many kinds of dishes, as the foods were generally cheap and delicious! What helps is that Vietnamese cuisine is considered one to beContinue Reading

Top 5 Eats in Laos

Lao cuisine is not well known in the western world, but did you know that there are more ethnic Lao living in Thailand than in Laos. A majority of the people living in Northeastern Thailand are ethnically Lao, and Lao cuisine played a pivotal role in making Thai food an internationalContinue Reading

Top 5 Eats in Thailand

Thailand has an abundance of yummy eats. From Southern Thailand’s curries to Northern Thailand’s papaya salads, you can find many different tastes that will cater to any foodie. Having been in Thailand for over a month, I got a good grasp of the cuisine and in this list I willContinue Reading

Top 5 Eats in Malaysia

The country of Malaysia has three distinct people group: the Malay, the Chinese, and the Indians. Due to this, food in Malaysia has strong influences from the three ethnicities. You can get a variety of yummy eats no matter where you go in the country and in this post, I willContinue Reading