How to Earn Cash back in Canada The sum of Travel

Did you know you can get cash back for almost everything you purchase online? Online shopping is convenient, easy, and cheaper than ever. One advantage that many people do not know about: you can earn cashback for buying things using these websites (as discussed below)! I have been using theseContinue Reading

Seafood feast at Lobster Deck Shediac Top 5 Eats in Atlantic Canada

Due to its proximity to the ocean, Atlantic Canada is home to the most delicious seafood, wild fruits and fresh vegetables in the country. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t other things to eat. Game meat, such as moose and deer, are also commonly consumed. Cities like Halifax, St. John’s,Continue Reading

Fried Chicken at Mothers

Let’s talk about fried chicken! It is my favourite food and every region on Earth has their own version of fried chicken. The most popular variation is the Southern Fried Chicken and is deeply rooted within New Orleans’ food scene. A visit to NOLA is not complete without tasting someContinue Reading

New Orleans's Willie Mae's Scotch House

The thing I was looking forward to the most during my trip to New Orleans was definitely the food. The cuisine of New Orleans is one of the most unique in the world due to its heavy influence from Creole cuisine, Cajun cuisine, and Southern soul food. Seafood is also important toContinue Reading

Adi with Lobster

On my trip to Boston in May 2018, I got to eat a fair share of what the Boston food scene has to offer. In this list, I will share you my top 5 eats in Boston!