On my trip to Boston in May 2018, I got to eat a fair share of what the Boston food scene has to offer. In this list, I will share you my Top 5 Eats in Boston!

1. Oysters and Lobster Roll at Neptune Oyster

In the city filled with seafood, the best I had was from Neptune Oyster. It looks like I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. Lines were already forming before they even opened. We had to wait another 30 minutes after the restaurant opened to get a seat.

We ordered their infamous lobster roll and oysters. There is an option of ordering lobster rolls two ways; hot with butter or cold with mayonnaise. I went with the former as I have never tried lobster rolls hot and was interested on how they would be. The lobster roll tasted amazing. They use meaty chunks of lobster and covered it with a good amount of butter. The lobster roll came to $29 USD but I think it was definitely worth it.  The oysters were also super fresh, sweet and buttery! The oysters range around $2.50 USD to $5 USD per piece in price.

Neptune Oyster Hot Lobster roll
Hot Lobster Roll. 9/10
Neptune Oyster Fresh Oysters
Fresh Oysters 9/10

2. Seafood feast at Yankee Lobster

Situated in Boston’s Seaport, Yankee Lobster is another place with a long lineup! This time, we saved time and ordered take out and planned to eat right in front of the water. We got the 1 1/4 lb. Lobster, Combo One seafood platter (fish, shrimp, calamari), and the lobster mac and cheese. It was pretty cool experience eating all the seafood with the sea right in front of you. I’m usually not a big fan of mac and cheese, but the lobster mac and cheese was really good. I found the food to be pricey as all of the food came to $67.38 USD with tax and tip

Seafood feast at Yankee Lobster
Steamed Lobster, Fried Seafood Platter (Calamari, fish, shrimp) and Lobster Mac and Cheese. 9/10

3. Hummus Bowl at Tahaza

This gem in Cambridge is like if Chipotle served of Mediterranean food. They have a variety of flavored hummus such as Beet, Sriracha, and Cilantro-Jalapeño. Along with the hummus, you can add brown rice, a protein, and different kinds of vegetables. This tasty, healthy, well-rounded meal full of flavor can be had for a reasonable $9.90 USD. We luckily stumbled upon this restaurant due to its proximity with our AirBnb location.

Hummus Bowl at Tahaza
Hummus Bowl. 9/10

4. Cannolis and Boston Cream Pie from Mike’s Pastry

You can find their take out boxes being carried around all over the city. We went to Mike’s Pastry original store located in Boston’s Italian North End. They are known for their cannolis and other baked goods. Their cannolis come in different flavours, ranging from chocolate chip to amaretto. We got the original and it was decadent with a nice crunchy shell. The Boston Cream pie (more like cake) was pretty good as the chocolate ganache mixed well with the pastry cream. Both the cannoli and the pie came to $6.50 USD.

Mike's Pastry
Boston Cream Pie and Original Cannoli. 8/10

5. Banana Pudding at Magnolia Bakery

I didn’t expect anything when we bought banana pudding from a bakery in Quincy Market. But Wow! This banana pudding was amazingly good. It had chunks of fresh banana, with loads of bread and pudding. It tasted very fluffy and creamy. They also offer a Boston cream pie version which we unfortunately didn’t get to try. You can expect long lines at this bakery just like many places in Quincy Market and it is pretty expensive at $4.25 USD for a small (pictured below)

Banana Pudding at Magnolia Bakery
Banana Pudding. 8/10

Honorable mentions

  • Clam Chowder and Lobster Roll at Luke’s Lobster
  • Hand Pulled Noodles at Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe
  • Boston Cream Pie Donut at Union Square Donuts
  • Boston Cream Pie at Union Oyster House

If you have been to Boston, I would like to know your top 5 eats in Boston!

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