Similar to last year, I have made a summary of my 2018 travels. Below are the trips I went on and the links to the separate blog post about each trip. Furthermore, I included a financial analysis and commentary of what I spent on my travels in 2018. January Yucatan,Continue Reading


For those that have been following my blog or Instagram, you might know that I have been travelling around Southeast Asia. Within the 5 months, I was deciding on where to go after Southeast Asia, and I came across this opportunity with Aeroplan. By redeeming my Aeroplan points, I turnedContinue Reading

2017 year

2017 has been the best year of my life, and the biggest reason is being to travel to so many places! All together, I spent a total of $9,564.77 CAD. The new experiences, friendships made, delicious foods eaten, definitely made the money I spent worth it!