Five Easy Ways to Save Money on Accommodation

The cost of accommodation can be an expensive part of your travels, especially if like to stay in hotels. But of all the travel categories, the cost of accommodation is the one that is the easiest to reduce. This is due to the wide array of options of accommodation andContinue Reading

Similar to last year, I have made a summary of my 2018 travels. Below are the trips I went on and the links to the separate blog post about each trip. Furthermore, I included a financial analysis and commentary of what I spent on my travels in 2018. January Yucatan,Continue Reading


For those that have been following my blog or Instagram, you might know that I have been travelling around Southeast Asia. Within the 5 months, I was deciding on where to go after Southeast Asia, and I came across this opportunity with Aeroplan. By redeeming my Aeroplan points, I turnedContinue Reading

2017 year

2017 has been the best year of my life, and the biggest reason is being to travel to so many places! All together, I spent a total of $9,564.77 CAD. The new experiences, friendships made, delicious foods eaten, definitely made the money I spent worth it!