Similar to last year, I have made a summary of my 2018 travels. Below are the trips I went on and the links to the separate blog post about each trip. Furthermore, I included a financial analysis and commentary of what I spent on my travels in 2018.


Yucatan, Mexico


Boston, USA


2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa Wilderness Tour White water rafting The sum of my 2018 travels


New Orleans, USA


New York, USA


Singapore The Sum of my 2018 Travels

Sumatra, Indonesia



Tea planations Malaysia the sum of my 2018 travels




Phi Phi Viewpoint The sum of my 2018 travels



South Vietnam

Red Sand Dunes of Mui Ne The Sum of my 2018 Travels

The Sum of My 2018 Travels

Beating my 2017 spend, I spent a total of $12,083.18 CAD in 2018. Below are my analysis of what that amount entails.

Here is the breakdown of my total year budget based on each trip.

As you can see, my trip to see the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia was by far my most expensive trip as it accounts for 22% of my total budget. The World Cup tickets itself came in at $607.20 CAD, the most I spent on any event. Also getting myself to Russia for the World Cup was not cheap as I spent $1,288.71 CAD on flights

This is how the $12,083.18 CAD is broken down based on each category.

Here are the most I spent on each category:

  • Flight: Toronto, Canada to Stockholm, Sweden for $926.22 CAD on WOW Air for my trip to Russia.
  • Food & Drinks: Butcher’s Feast at Cote Korean Steakhouse in New York, USA $48 USD which came to $64.90 USD ($84.92 CAD) after tax and tip.
  • Transportation: Half of the cost of a rental car for 4 days in Yucatan which came to $125.28 CAD each.
  • Accommodation: One night at Temptations Resort in Cancun $193.53 CAD per person (also includes activities and food & drinks).
  • Activities: A Ticket to the Semi Final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia (Croatia vs. England) at $285 USD ($376.20 CAD)
  • Other: a new pair of glasses 1,089,000 IDR ($93.15 CAD). I had to get a new pair as I lost my glasses in Indonesia.

Below is the number of days I spent on and how much money I spent per day on each trip.

In general, the longer the trip, the lower the $ spend per day is. You have more days to spread your fixed travel costs such as flights and/or visas. The shorter the trip, the more that time becomes valuable resource. For example, you would spend more on a better location for your accommodation or on private transportation (Uber or Grab) rather than taking public transportation.

It is also clear that the trips towards the end of the graph are destinations that have lower cost of living (e.g. Southeast Asia)

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