Similar to last year, I have made a summary of my 2018 travels. Below are the trips I went on and the links to the separate blog post about each trip. Furthermore, I included a financial analysis and commentary of what I spent on my travels in 2018. January Yucatan,Continue Reading


As Hong Kong and Macau were both colonies of Great Britain and Portugal, the native Cantonese cuisine was mixed with British and Portuguese influences, creating a unique cuisine of their own. A big example in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong milk tea. The Cantonese have never added milk toContinue Reading


For those that have been following my blog or Instagram, you might know that I have been travelling around Southeast Asia. Within the 5 months, I was deciding on where to go after Southeast Asia, and I came across this opportunity with Aeroplan. By redeeming my Aeroplan points, I turnedContinue Reading


During my travels in Vietnam, I got to see that Vietnamese cuisine is more than just Phở and Bánh mì. I had the chance of trying so many kinds of dishes, as the foods were generally cheap and delicious! What helps is that Vietnamese cuisine is considered one to beContinue Reading

What's different in McDonald's Thailand

Everyone knows McDonald’s golden arches, big macs, and Ronald McDonald. McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue has restaurants in over 100 countries. Whether you love it or hate it, you cannot dispute the impact it has on the world. During my travels in Thailand, I got toContinue Reading

Top 5 Eats in Laos

Lao cuisine is not well known in the western world, but did you know that there are more ethnic Lao living in Thailand than in Laos. A majority of the people living in Northeastern Thailand are ethnically Lao, and Lao cuisine played a pivotal role in making Thai food an internationalContinue Reading