Moving to Sydney, Australia in August 2019, I was quite eager to check out what financial products/services they had to offer. My first taste is the cashback websites offered in Australia. As covered earlier in my post on how to earn cashback in Canada, I decided to write one on how to earn cashback in Australia!

How does it work?

How these cashback websites/apps work is that they act as an affiliate partner. These websites refer customers to the retailer’s store, and when a purchase is made, the affiliate earns a percentage of the sale at no cost to the customer.

Whenever you decide to buy something online, consider using one of these cashback websites listed below. It is free and easy to join. Either look for the store based on categories or by the search box to see if they have a partnership with that store. If so, the website will show you how much cashback you’ll earn from your purchase.

In order to get cashback on your purchases, you have to make sure that you’re using the website’s link to the site. Once you check out, your purchase will automatically be recorded on your account. Depending on the website, you will need to wait a certain period until the cashback “clears” (making sure that you don’t return the product) and becomes available for payment. The common pay out method is usually either by bank transfer or Paypal.


Originally from Singapore and launched in Australia in 2018, Shopback has more than 10 million users and app downloads in the Asia Pacific. They cover Australia’s biggest retailers including The Iconic, Myer, David Jones, and Target.

Shopback can cut down on accommodation costs, with many cashbacks on booking sites such as and Expedia. Read more about it here!

Their cashback tracking is quite accurate and timely. Check out my history.

Shopback also has a Google Chrome extension, notifying members if they are eligible for cashback when they’re on their partner retailer’s websites.

Earn your first $5 AUD in cashback with Shopback with my referral link below!


Australia’s #1 cashback site, Cashrewards has given its members over $84,000,000 in cash back. They also partner with Australia’s major retailers such as eBay, Dan Murphy’s, Expedia and Woolworth.

Some of the travel retailers on Cashrewards include:

  • Expedia
  • Virgin Australia
  • Emirates
  • Etihad

Cashrewards also has a Shop in-store option where you link your Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card to your account which gets you cash back in-store at participating retailers such as Ikea and Liquorland.

A Cashrewards membership account unlocks additional offers and discounts.

Plus, every time you receive cashback, we donate 1% to the Starlight Children’s Foundation to help Aussie kids in need

Like Shopback, Cashrewards has a notifier browser extension where they can tell you when a cashback or discount offer is available.

Earn your first $5 AUD in cashback with Cashrewards with my referral link below!

Which is Better?

I think both platforms are pretty equal in terms of their. I would get both and compare the cash back that you get between the two. Depending on the promotion, one website can have a significant higher cash back than the other.

The thing to watch out about these cashback programs is that it can be tempting to see your cashback or points accumulate. The point of these programs is to get consumers to spend more. That is why it’s important to make sure to buy things you’ve already decided on and not splurge on the basis of seeing those cashback balance increase. Other than that, I really do not see any downside of this! If you shop online, there is no reason not to get on these cashback programs!

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